Mystery Dinner Party Waiting List & FAQ

Am I Invited To Your Party?
Unless you got an invitation in the mail (i.e. paper, through the postal service), no.

But I'd Like To Be Invited! I Like Mystery Parties!
Fair enough. Using the form below, add your name to the list if you'd like to participate in future mystery dinner events. So far, they've been focused on the Bismarck, North Dakota region, so those folks would likely get first priority. If you live elsewhere, you can still add your name to the list. Future events might be held elsewhere, or might be online events you can run in your own city.

Not Another Stupid Email List.
This isn't a marketing email list. You won't get a bunch of emails. It's only used to contact those who are interested in these types of events if there is room for new participants or if there is an online or transportable event that you could participate in.

More Info?
Visit the website.
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